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From Sawdust and Cider to Wine...
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Sample Pages
These pages demonstrate the wealth of interesting stories and information
contained in the book on families, businesses and sites in our area, both
historical and present-day. I have included bits on our Native American
predecessors, families, schools, historic homes such as the Cartwright House
(or Mountain House Hotel) that is shown on our
back cover. There are pages
from our "Mills" and "Farming" chapters. I couldn't leave out the information
on our new thriving economy -- the beautiful wineries in our area including
Chateau Lorane Winery, King Estate Winery, Iris Hill Winery, Hinman
Vineyards/Sylvan Winery and Sweet Cheeks Winery.

We have some interesting ranches and stables in our area including the
historic Spreckles Ranch and the present-day Unicorn Spring Ranch, which is
an animal-facilitated therapy facility, and Coyote Ridge Dressage, a dressage
training facility with a focus on Lippizan horses from Austria.

I have also included some of my own writings on memorable people and
events in our area and the memories shared with us by many of those who
grew up in the Lorane area.

And, there are many more stories where these came from!

Indians of the Area
More Families
and More...
Historic Homes
Wines & Weddings
Ranches & Stables
More Ranches & Stables
Way of Life
Pat's Ramblings
More Ramblings
More Memories