Thank you to those of you who took the time to write or
email me with your comments!
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From DS...
"Having just finished Sawdust, Cider, et-al, I'm still amazed at the amount of
information you were able to impart, and the grace with which you did so.
It was an amazing experience to rejoin a world I hadn't been in touch with
for about 45 years. The names and faces generated vivid memories of people
and situations that came back in remarkable detail.
Case in point: Ruth and Harry Jahnke were frequent pinochle guests at my
parent’s home on Siuslaw Road. As you may know, Harry loved to tell stories
about his adventures. He did so with great energy and, according to Ruth,
some little exaggeration. The result was rousing entertainment and uncertain
Ruth and my mother were usually partners and my dad and Harry were usually
not the winners. Regardless of the outcome the evening was always lively
and great fun for a kibitzing grade-schooler.
Following my father's passing in 1965, Ruth was instrumental in helping her
get through the grief from her loss. They remained friends until my mother
was hospitalized as a result of progressive Alzheimer's.
On a different level, I had no idea that Floyd Paseman had passed. Ironically
he was more full of life than just about anyone I've known. The brothers
were close friends during our years in Lorane and later fraternity brothers at
the U of O.
My dad and namesake, worked for Welby Schneider, Don Barker, the Purdy
family and International Paper during the time we were in Lorane. He also
logged on our 80 acres and used the proceeds to pay down the mortgage
on the property he purchased in 1945 from his uncle. Later on, more than a
few Christmas presents also came from felling trees on our hill. During those
times I became acquainted with the stinger end of a McCullough chain saw
with a 6' stinger. It was never my friend.
Stan and Manley Purdy once nailed Dad's house slippers to our back porch.
When he came home, shed his caulk boots and stepped into the waiting
slippers, the results were amazing and moderately profane. He immediately
named me the prime suspect, which was a bit unnerving, since I was equally
unaware of the prank. Happily the Purdy twins drove by to witness the results
of their carpentry project and soon everybody was enjoying the joke.
I could go on, but the point is made.
I hope you will continue to record and expand Lorane's history. It is a
wonderful project to which I will happily contribute if you wish.
Thanks again for having the focus and drive to undertake such a wonderful
and I'm sure daunting work of love."
From GB...
"Pat, I'm really enjoying the new Sawdust & Cider. Thanks to you and the
'crew' for a great job!"
From SN...
We've barely scratched the surface of your book.  It is a treasure.  The care
and skill you put into it shows mightily.  What a wonderful gift to all those
with Lorane ties -- past or present.  Thank you so very much.
From CK...
We're really enjoying the book! Even as new-comers. We've become quite
fond of the Lorane Valley and our neighbors who live here.
From VM...
Wow! The book is wonderful! I was in tears reading about the library and
ForestCare. It was a wonderful place to live for nine years.
From CG...
Everyone has loved the book! We read our family of course, first, and
then have gone to read the is very interesting! It is certainly
something we will cherish with the other family records we have.  My
children were tickled to find their names included:)