Applegate Pioneer Museum Newsletter
(Volume 10, Issue 6; Nov 2006), by Violet L. Shafer
What's new? Answer: This second edition of Sawdust and Cider, A History
of Lorane, Oregon and the Siuslaw Valley
has been updated by Patricia
Edwards and renamed
From Sawdust and Cider to Wine, and is now in
print. The first
Sawdust and Cider book was researched and written by
Patricia Edwards, Nancy O'Hearn and Marna Hing in 1987.

There have been many changes and collected information since that time,
19 years ago. The new book has about 100 more pages, a grid map and is
well indexed.

Due to health problems, Nancy and Marna acted only as supporters
(sounding boards), so to speak for the updated book, which Patricia
Edwards gives them her special thanks!

Gift to the Museum

Patricia called me from our museum porch from her cell phone and told me
that she had a copy of her new book to donate to the museum. I could
hardly wait to get there and I bought one for myself and since then I bought
one for a dear friend.

The book, without a doubt, is the best researched book of any community
in the West-Lane area.

The pictures are very well done. The people are named and the schools
pictures, some that we don't have that we can, at least show to anyone that
asks. (Green Door) is pictured and it is one that has been asked about. It
gives the location of the places that the book tells about, which is certainly
a plus.

It tells a history of the early pioneers, and tells about some of their families
that still live in the area today.

Well, I just cannot say enough good things about this new addition to The
Applegate Pioneer Museum.
  by Violet L. Shafer
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