Bits 'n Pieces
Page 121 - Lorane High School

"Wayne Robinson's day began at 5 a.m. each morning when he arose
and stoked the school's furnace with enough 4' long pieces of firewood
to begin to get the classrooms warm. After breakfast, he drove his
1924 Chevy to Gillespie Corners where he got into the district's
35-passenger school bus and drove the bus route from there to
Lorane while Maybell cleaned classrooms and blackboards. Wayne
would then drop off his passengers, leaving them in Maybell's charge,
run into the school and throw more wood into the furnace, and then
head on down Territorial Road to pick up the students who lived south
of town. Upon returning, he would again stoke the furnace and start
the Kohler electric light plant. It was only then that classes began. After
school, Wayne reversed his school bus route, delivering the students
back home. Upon his return, he and Maybell donned their coaching

"...Each day was still not complete, however, until the toilets were
scrubbed, the classrooms swept and the litter picked up around the
school grounds. The Robinson's salaries were $1,200 per year for
Wayne and $900 for Maybell plus $2 a day for janitorial work and bus
driving as well as the use of the apartment..."