Bits 'n Pieces
Page 114 - Lorane Elementary School

"Eldora recalls the fun that she and Luella Sanderson had playing on
that mud slide each recess. She was always returning home from
school with her clothes covered with mud, however. Her sister, Ethel
Lynch, who was also her guardian, soon tired fo washing out her
school clothes which consisted of a black dress, black underskirt and
black bloomers. She threaten 'Big Trouble' if Eldora come home dirty
one more time. But, the next day, as she tried to ride the mudslide
down, her feet went out from under her, as usual, and down she went.
Not wanting to get into 'Big Trouble,' she went to Lola Henderson's
house on her lunch break and asked Mrs. Henderson if she might
wash her dress out and let it dry there. Mrs. Henderson agreed and
offered to let her wear one of Lola's dresses until hers dried. She
decided she needn't both, however, because her petticoat looked just
like a skirt, so she returned to school in her petticoat and bloomers. At
the end of the school day, she returned to the Henderson house to
find her dress not only dry, but freshly ironed, as well. She avoided 'Big
Trouble' that day, but had to refrain from participating in her favorite
recess recreation from then on..."