Bits 'n Pieces
Page 74 - The Gowing Family

"...It seems that on the day of December 20, 1926, so many babies
were born at the Pacific Christian Hospital in Eugene that there was a
shortage of baby beds. So, Willard and a couple of other babies had to
share an apple box. Two of the babies were sent home with the wrong
parents -- Willard being one of them. But, because the families had
already become attached to 'their' babies, each decided to keep the
one they had brought home. Some doubts haunted Willard about the
truth of the story, but he later met his 'other self' who knew nothing of
the mixup. Each bears striking resemblances to the other's family -- so
much so that the facts cannot be denied. Willard, however, wishes it to
be known that he has always been and always will be proud to carry
the Gowing name..."