Bits 'n Pieces
Page 240 - Memories of Gene Conrad

"...My dad liked motorcycles. I was given my first one when I was about
6 years old. It was a Honda Trail 50 and it was blue. Mostly. And the
seat was in pretty good shape for the shape it was in. And most of the
time, the gas tank stayed on unless you hit a really big bump. And the
handle bars could fold so that the whole bike could be slipped into the
trunk of a car. And the key that held the flywheel in place was all
stripped out so that every now and then Dad had to take it apart and
glue the flywheel in place. And if the seat was adjusted all the way
down and if I hung off one side and really stretched, and if I stretched
right over a tall ant-hill, I could touch the ground without falling over.
What a great bike! And since our field had an incredible infestation of
ants, there were plenty of places where I could stop, and they also
made great jumps..."