Bits 'n Pieces
Page 179 - Coyote Ridge Dressage

"Lorane's newest arena, Coyote Ridge Dressage  is its best-kept
secret. Built over a 4-year period and completed in 2006 by Greg and
Tracey Weiss, it brings to the area Old World traditions and the
elegance of European royalty. It is a new facility, but its roots go back
425 years in history to the very beginnings of the Spanish Riding
School in Vienna, Austria – the home of the Lipizzaner horse and a
very special classical dressage riding and training technique perfected
by masters over the centuries. It links Lorane's history to the 1936
Olympics in Germany where Alois Podhajsky, Director of the Spanish
Riding School, won a Bronze Medal in Individual Dressage on his
horse, Nero. General Patton enters that history when his troops
rescued the great Lipizzaner stallions from capture by Hitler as
depicted in Walt Disney's 1963 movie, Miracle of the White Stallions.
He rescued the mares, too, which were scheduled for slaughter to feed
the troops in Poland. Podhajsky, Patton, and Tracey Weiss are all
linked together by a single person, Tracey's mentor and trainer, Karl