Bits 'n Pieces
Page 79 - The Conrad Family

"...Lyle Conrad, always an avid motorcycle rider, remembers one of his
first motorcycle rides in the area. He was young and reckless at the
time, and decided to follow one of the Addison Lumber Co.'s plank
roads into the hills. This in itself was a rather hair-raising feat, as a
plank road proved very difficult to ride on with a motorcycle. In the
course of the ride, Lyle came upon one of the several high wooden
trestles spanning a canyon. Though 'scared to death,' Lyle continued
across knowing that if he met a log truck coming the other way, there
would be little he could do to get out of the way. Fortune was good to
him that day, but his daredevil traits mellowed and up until the time of
his death in 1995, he continued to enjoy a leisurely ride along the
country roads and occasionally into Eugene..."