Bits 'n Pieces
Page 225 - Richard Beebe

"...As school superintendent, Dick Beebe, had no equal. He not only
was overseer of the school district administration, he took part in
practically all activities that took place within the school district whether
they were connected to the schools or not. How many superintendents
attend and serve as advisor to every parent club (P.T.A., Booster
Club, Parent Network, etc.), going so far as to make up and distribute
agendas for every meeting? How many superintendents attend almost
all home athletic events, plays and programs in their districts? How
many are out on the roads at 5 a.m. each icy or snowy morning to
determine if the roads are safe enough for the school buses to travel?
How many take the time to write letters of congratulations to students,
teachers and parents who have exhibited a standard of excellence in
one way or another? How many are always available if a patron has a
question or a concern about the way the district is run?..."