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By Patricia Ann Edwards
(Nancy O'Hearn & Marna Hing, collaborators; Karen Pidgeon, cover artist)

Originally published in 1987 as Sawdust and Cider; A History of Lorane, Oregon and
the Siuslaw Valley
, this book is a major revision. Published in September 2006,
From Sawdust and Cider to Wine
has grown from 165 to 269 pages. It contains over
230 black & white photographs, 100 family histories and 6 maps from the
community of
Lorane, Oregon, located southwest of Eugene in Lane County,
You don't have to have any connection to Lorane or, for that
matter, Oregon, to find this book of interest. For the
"Baby-Boomer" generation, it will evoke memories of the days
before television, computers and cell phones, when
communication came across the airwaves of the family's
wonderful Zenith radio or via the crank telephone's party lines.
It will bring forth memories of vacations taken in the family car
when "getting there" was half the fun! You'll remember how
you and your friends picked daisies and watched propellered
airplanes fly overhead as you laid on the lawn during long slow
days of summer vacation and dreamed of adventures that you
would encounter when you "grew up." It will bring back the
realization that the "good old days" were not always easy or
untroubled, but they were far less complex.

For many, it will bring back the stories told to us by our parents
and grandparents of the World Wars, the Depression, the
"horse and buggy days" and the pioneering spirit that formed
our great nation.

Yes, this book is based on the little community at the south
end of Lane County, Oregon -- a former timber community now
internationally known for its production of fine wines. But it also
chronicles the fairly recent history of the pioneers who braved
the elements and the unknown and traveled the Oregon Trail
and the Applegate Trail to carve out -- hopefully -- better lives
for themselves and their families.